JANUARY 16, 2024

Stallion MG to assemble cars in Nigeria from 2024

According to Stallion MG, Nigeria will host the assembly of MG automobiles, a well-known British brand, starting in the first quarter of 2024. Anurag Shah, General Manager of Stallion Group's Luxury & Premium Automotive Brands Division, disclosed the information in a statement that was made public on Wednesday.

Under the motto "Drive to Impress," Shah emphasised the key features of MG automobiles, including their excellent build quality, state-of-the-art engineering, remarkable driving, comfort, spaciousness, and longevity.

"These characteristics serve as the cornerstone of MG's most recent campaign, providing discriminating Nigerians with a unique chance to upgrade their cars at substantial savings that are exclusive to the SUV model lineup," he stated.

Shah underlined, "This milestone is a testament to MG's unwavering commitment to quality and reliability as well as a celebration of our century-long journey."He proudly stated that, since MG's arrival in Nigeria in 2021, there has never been a single engine failure reported in any of the country's MG workshops.

This is a far cry from earlier depictions of some Chinese car brands, which struggled with issues like engine and gearbox failures and OEM support that was often delayed.

Shah's audacious claim is in line with MG's unmatched reputation for providing exceptional after-sales support and peace of mind, which has led to high customer satisfaction, repeat business, and referrals.

Stallion MG has big plans in the works for the future. The company will turn on local assembly lines for the MG brand in the first quarter of 2024.Shah said, "We will introduce locally assembled models including MG RX5, ZS, and ZS EV early next year in addition to our bestsellers, the SUV RX8 and HS.

"This calculated move towards local assembly fits with the company's overarching goal and emphasises Stallion MG's dedication to improving the automotive scene in Nigeria.

"Our attempt to participate in the local MG assembly is consistent with our commitment to helping address Nigeria's economic problems.

Shah clarified, "We contribute meaningfully to the nation's economy by creating job opportunities and conserving foreign exchange reserves. We are further motivated by the incentives provided by the Federal Government's programme for the nation's auto manufacturers and distributors."

Source: The Punch Newspaper